Anxiety, how it affects a relationship; Part 1

Personally I’ve suffered from Anxiety for as long as I’ve been able to make my own decisions. For a very long time this feeling was present in my physical self and my thoughts and desires were always being hijacked by something I couldn’t put my finger on!

Back in 2012 a situation arose which was ultimately a repeat of prior situations in my life but I still hadn’t been able to put 2 + 2 together and come out with an answer less than 6!

One hot day my car radio was blaring an advertisement for Beyond Blue ( looking to help Australians who suffer from mental illness, though as we get older the lines get blurry about what is mental illness and what is experience and baggage/damage – but I digress!

Beyond Blue helped me finally identify what it was that affected me and why I made the decisions that I did and why I was repeating the mistakes of my past in my then current relationship.

This was a light Bulb moment and knowing what was causing me to have the physical symptoms that I had was the first stage in understanding how to learn to handle and accept what was a part of me. For people who don’t suffer from Anxiety, the physical feelings change from person to person, in my case it is a huge amount of chest and stomach pain, like not being able to breathe fully. This physical manifestation causes everything else in my body to go in hyper mode, hands shake, light breathing, panic etc and it causes me to run away.

I undertook to learn about anxiety and what I could do to change it for the better, the resources I used and found great value in were:  – His free podcast are excellent – search for Anxiety

Next time I will take about the damage I did in the past because of my illness.




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3 thoughts on “Anxiety, how it affects a relationship; Part 1

  1. (I just lost my first reply). My anxieties were due to feeling inadequate and fear of relationships starting and ending. In some ways I don’t think I have dealt with it even though when I started writing this is believed I had. I guess I don’t get anxious about it I withdraw from it. Not a good way to deal with it. Maybe someone has some way to deal with it.

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