Real life and Facebook

This JPG while funny demonstrates the struggle with Facebook for me.

My friends relationships are all perfect, most weekends they share amazing activities on Facebook, week nights they share cute selfies where there is kissing, hugging, smiling and laughing.

My relationship is nothing like that at all, I live my relationship every morning, every day and every evening. Being with one person 24/7, I live the good times and the bad times. The mediocre days, the days when one of us can not be bothered to get up off the couch, the days when I have had a stressful day or the days she has struggled through her own stresses from internal or external pressures.

The posts I read each morning on my Facebook feed show my friends and colleagues in their best relationship poses, selfies and scenery. I compare and contrast my situation and view whats happening to me as deficient when I compare with my most amazing friends who have exciting lives. Why is it that their relationship is perfect and mine is not? My Facebook friends are always holidaying or eating out, having babies, watching amazing shows etc!

Then there is the contrasting posts, the cryptic ‘I’m newly single’ posts from ex-couples when they have ‘broken off’ their relationship yet have not made this public and so what you read doesn’t really give them away but I know something is up, somethings wrong and after a message its made apparent that their relationship didn’t work out, they just were not as happy as their friends seem to be.

There is an understanding that I have to come to accept. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter etc are a selective window into your friends and loved ones lives, they post the ‘Gourmet’ photos of their together times and about their amazing experiences on exotic tropical holidays. Never the bad, never the couch potato days where I can’t be bothered to move, or the days when my beautiful partner just can’t seem to feel motivation.

Ultimately they are just the same as I am, the bad times and the good, the rich and the poor. The window into their soul I see through social media is their ‘Best of times’, so I remember that every time I see an amazing holiday post, or gooey post about how in love a friend is with their significant other, that they are the same as I am and their bad times are just the same as mine, you see for every up there has to be a down as well.

I urge you to remember this when you are comparing your relationship to the ones you read about in your Facebook feed, your relationship is real….. the window into theirs is not!!!

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