Facebook increasingly telling us what to do

I came across an article (Linked below) which mirrors my personal experience with Facebook in our enlightened day and age of sharing everything with those we know (friends and family) and those we don’t (evil advertisers and faceless authorities).

For the past several months my Facebook feed has become literally littered with ‘personal’ (only you can see this…. please ‘share’) tidbits of my existence that Facebook wants me to make public for others to see.

My decision in the initial instance of these ‘activities’ was to leave them as private and having a Faceless corporation tell me that I should be doing something with them is neither helpful or wanted. What makes this worse is that Facebook do not provide any easy way to remove this from my homepage and on a mobile screen I’m already constrained in what I can view without scrolling. Some of the images you suggest that I post aren’t at all interesting to me let alone any one of my friends!

If you have a business page as I do, then the problem is twice as prominent with my Facebook feed also being scattered with ways to ‘Boost’ my business page, I find this unnecessary and intrusive. Facebook, I know I have a business webpage – I created it …. Let me make the decisions that best serve my purpose not your money grabbing motivations or find a way to become less intrusive.

I like Facebook as it enables me to stay in contact with the people I have met all over the world though in this age of a free web it goes to confirm an old saying ‘Nothing is Free’, there is an alternative though an in-between state where Facebook and its infinite wisdom could ask what I want to be notified about and allow me to make informed decisions.

Oh Except Beer, as in Free Beer! thats Free!

Facebook you needy Son of a bitch

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