That ‘unconditional love’ feeling…..

I was thinking about this today while travelling in New Zealand away from my beautiful girlfriend and I pondered apon a ponderous thought. For the first three-6 months of a relationship, its the most wonderful and amazing thing ever! everything your partner does is wonderful…. even the non wonderful things seem still pretty great, that way they scrape their knife and fork every single time they eat…. the wonderful way in which they leave their towel on the floor in the bathroom… every ….. single …… day. These events absolutely don’t annoy us for at least 3 months because after all the great experiences we are having with them, all the momentous time, these small things seem …. well small, aren’t they?

Those of us who have been around the ‘traps’ a few times see these as minor niggles that are seriously going to cause problems eventually unless addressed and resolved early on…… and there is no better feeling than never ever getting into one of those arguments that festered and brewed for weeks and months until finally there are 20+ things that you did wrong and one of those 20+ things is not that annoying little habit that you didn’t have anymore because you both talked it out and fixed it!

Communication guys is key, if you have to think about something your partner is doing and decide that ‘Its ok’ for them to do it, its probably not and it probably is going to annoy you after time. Next time it happens then mention it, comment on how much you love them and if they could do this one little thing it would mean the world to you 🙂 and they will ….. and the next argument that brews up and bubbles over will have one less event to argue about 🙂

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