Walking and presenting as a Man

As a tall male I used to walk with my head down always, the reason for this (as far as I can tell) was because I felt too tall! I didn’t want to have people judge me for that. I am tall so I should be presenting myself as who I am

Walking and presenting ourselves as a confident male is a part of demonstrating to ourselves and others that you have command of your situation. You do have presence and walking with head up and shoulders straight will present you as being in control of your own life.

Often while out in the public arena I view men walking with their heads down and this is simply because that is how these men have always presented themselves in public. What does it say about them? Personally I interpret the slouch as a lack of presence, not having their lives in order and clearly carrying a huge burden.

As a guy, how you present yourself to another party either business or personal relationship is read and understood by the other party as who you are. Therefore exhibiting yourself to others as being under a heavy load is not the way you want to present confidence and self awareness.

When you walk think about your posture, understand that you are a man and walk in a way that helps grow your confidence with yourself and others around you. After all even if you have burdens weighing you down, someone is always worse off than you, I promise you this

Some ideas:
– Walk with your head up, don’t worry you won’t trip over!
– Push your chest out, not like a chicken breast, just a little
– Shoulders up, shoulders straight
– Back Straight, this will occur naturally with the above unless you are a yoga expert
– Use eye contact and look ahead

Practice walking with your head up, it will become natural after a short time. Occasionally you will slip up to start with until it becomes second nature.

Some additional tips:
– Don’t put your hands in your pockets
– Don’t change your pace
– Bend your elbows

Walk with Confidence, be Balanced and lastly Focused. In doing these things your actual level of confidence with yourself and the world will improve vastly.

You have nothing to fear, nothing to worry about and nothing to be self conscious of

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