You know about the Dog box!

Many of us end up being sent to the dog house….. Sometimes it feels undeserved and sometimes we know its well earnt! How difficult it can be to accept that we have hurt someone when we don’t believe we were in the wrong, or, maybe we don’t know what it was that we did in the first place to cause distress or pain to our partner.

The above are bigger issues that will be addressed in a future post where we cover responsibility, the theme for this post is what you can do when you know you have done wrong.

So what can you do?
Sometimes when you have done something you know to be wrong and all you want to do is get past it, yet your significant other still holds on and the pain is real to them. However you try, you just can’t seem to get past the blockage. Everything you try is fruitless, your partner is cold and won’t let you back in, the feelings from these disagreements can be the toughest to overcome when a resolution seems to not be anywhere in sight.

There is a way to fix this, the following URL has a great article about the recovery after causing someone pain, though the link seems dubious it is fine for work viewing.

It breaks down into these six aspects of resolution and though they aren’t going to be easily remembered the first time you have to invoke them, they are a great way to plan a fix that restores your relationship balance.

Here they are:

– Expression Of Regret
– Explanation Of [What You Did] Wrong
– Acknowledgment Of Responsibility
– Declaration Of Repentance
– Offer Of Repair
– Request For Forgiveness

Let us know whether you have other methods that work or your feedback on the original authors article, we would love to hear how you handle hurt and pain in a relationship.

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